Benefits of Membership

ICMA was established in 2003 to market and promote Commercial Mediation in Ireland. It is a voluntary organisation where Membership of the Association, while it does not provide any qualification, has several valuable benefits. These include:

  • As a member, being associated with the development of Commercial Mediation from its foundation in Ireland.
  • Where appropriate, to be a member listed on our web site as a mediator member with experience and a profile in Commercial Mediation.
  • As a group member, benefiting from a discounted rate and having a link to your organisation through the ICMA web
  • Being up to date with current thinking on matters related to commercial mediation and having a voice in the development of legislation relevant to Commercial Mediation.
  • Having access to a dedicated, voluntary council of people who bring a co-operative approach to the work of those involved as trainers, certification bodies, supporters and practitioners in Commercial Mediation.
  • Access to meetings, workshops and conferences, organised through ICMA, to promote the concepts embodied in Commercial Mediation.
  • Access to a data base of information on Commercial Mediation.
  • To support those members who strive to organise the Irish Commercial Mediation Association.