ICMA Corporate Pledge


As an internationally experienced Mediator, I encourage companies to embrace Mediation and engage it as part of their culture in resolving disputes. One proactive way to achieve this is by committing your company to exploring the use of Mediation in the event of any external or internal dispute within its organisation.


The Irish Commercial Mediation Association (“ICMA”), of which I am a Council Member, has partnered with The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) in the US to develop the ICMA Corporate Pledge in Ireland. Large US Corporates, with business across the globe including Microsoft, Shell, IBM and Johnson + Johnson have adopted the CPR Pledge as part of their dispute resolution culture.


ICMA’s Corporate Mediation Pledge acknowledges that Mediation is an effective way to find creative, relationship-building and long term solutions, as well as being a confidential and cost effective process. I would encourage Irish companies to look towards Mediation and this Mediation Pledge as a progressive and beneficial move in dealing with disputes.


John Madden


If you would like to sign up to the ICMA Corporate Pledge please download the document, have it signed by your CEO and In House Counsel and returned a scanned copy to admin@icma.ie


A Register of Signatories to the Pledge is maintained on this website and updated monthly.