About ICMA

The Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA) was formally established on 8 April 2003 to promote and develop commercial mediation in Ireland. It is a voluntary non-profit making association, where those interested in the provision and development of commercial mediation form its membership.

Queries can be directed to dermotmcevoy@eversheds-sutherland.ie,  aidankirrane@eversheds-sutherland.ie or cjorourke@hayes-solicitors.ie


ICMA is governed by a Council of a maximum of 18 members. The Council adheres to rules and each member is nominated at the AGM which is held each year. See 2018 Council.

Directory of Mediators

ICMA has established a Directory of Commercial Mediators who are available to act as independent chairpersons in an attempt to resolve commercial dispute. Every Directory member authorises publication of the details of their training and experience and warrants that they will abide by the standards set out in the European Code of Conduct for mediators.


Any person, organisation, body, firm or company is entitled to apply to the Secretary of the Association (the “Secretary”) for membership of the Association. To succeed with an application for membership, an applicant must satisfy the following conditions.
(a) Pay the appropriate membership subscription that is set by the Council;
(b) Submit an application on a form to be provided by the Secretary of the Association; and
(c) Have that application approved by the Council.

The categories of membership are as follows:

Directory of Mediators Membership:
Any person who is qualified to mediate having the relevant qualifications and experience.

Ordinary Membership:
Any person, organisation, body, firm or company with an interest in commercial mediation.